All in a day off

Today is my Saturday.

I slept in until 7:00. Had coffee on the front porch with CountryBoy, LizzieBelle and all the cats then slowly began my day.

I had no certain plans to tackle anything in specific but there were lots of things I had put on the back burner until I had the time and motivation. Today felt like the day to clear a few things off that burner.

One of those back burner items was getting prices on the handmade pieces I have in the greenhouse market…

I just knew that if I didn’t get prices on them someone would inquire while I was at work and CountryBoy wouldn’t have a clue how much they were so I’m glad that’s done just in case.

While I was out there I added a few more pieces to the market area…

a ceramic chicken, our Kentucky Proud bags and a sign on the fridge door.

I also rearranged the table a bit and switched out the ‘runner’ on the little folding table to match the chairs…

The runner I had on there previously was a leftover piece of a tablecloth that had seen better days. I had made the shabby tablecloth into a smaller tablecloth and today I decided to square up that leftover piece and finish the raw edge to use as a table runner on the front porch…

While I was in and out of the greenhouse I decided to re-pot my Meyer lemon trees I started from seed four years ago…

I have three others that aren’t quite as large as this one that I re-potted as well. Maybe in another four or fourteen years I’ll have some fresh lemons!

CountryBoy is making headway on the tractor maintenance…

He installed the new water pump without any issues but then the power steering fluid started leaking out the steering column. After googling how to fix and remove the steering wheel we made another trip to the parts store an hour and a half away. This time I took my camera to capture the beautiful golden fields along the way…

I couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I narrowed it down to the above three photos. These fields are just down the road from us but these flowers are everywhere this time of year. So beautiful!

CountryBoy made out well at the parts store while LizzieBelle and I took a stroll. All he needed to stop the leak was a new seal. He also picked up a large O ring for the steering shaft housing, a cable that shuts off the motor and a new ignition with keys (now he won’t have to use a screwdriver to start the tractor which is what he’s had to do since we bought it!). He was grinning from ear to ear as he walked out. He also went this morning to the new Harbor Freight that just opened up nearby and bought him a special tool that is needed to replace the PTO seals. Replacing those should stop the hydraulic fluid from leaking. Once he is finished with the maintenance it should be good as new again.

He used to enjoy working on his cars back when they were easier to maintain so he is really enjoying tinkering with, repairing and learning all about his tractor.

When we got back home I noticed evidence that Mabel might have taken a dip in her pool. Maybe some day I’ll get to see if that is indeed true.

Sadly, this day off is nearing an end but I have another one tomorrow with nothing on the calendar. Let’s see if there are a few more things I can get off the back burner!

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