Signs of life

Everywhere you look these days there are signs of life coming from the earth…

This is the third year since I planted the Clematis plants beside the arbor leading to the front porch and this is their best year so far. I’m not sure if the plants will ever reach the top of the arbor but they are loaded with buds just waiting to burst open such as the one above.

The garden is coming alive as well!

We planted seed potatoes well before the last frost and they are up and doing well…

Also coming up are beets, squash, sunflowers, green peppers, tomatoes, asparagus and beans.

I still need to get my flowers planted and we’ll continue to put various seeds in the garden until it is full.

One of the most exciting discoveries this Spring were finding tiny, fuzzy peaches on our peach trees…

This is the first year that we have ever had any blossoms turn into fruit. We are thrilled that they have made it this far!

More signs of life are the numerous varieties of birds visiting the feeders…

It’s hard to see but in the above photo there’s a House Finch on the feeder, a female Cardinal on the branch by the feeder and an Indigo Bunting further down the branch (towards the bottom right).

And there’s a few butterflies still hanging around…

It’s such a beautiful time of year. It seems everywhere you look there are new signs of life and beauty all around.

What sorts of beautiful things are you discovering?

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