Happy May Day

It wasn’t until today that I had ever heard, or at least paid attention to, the phrase May Day as it relates to the first day of May as opposed to the cry for help meaning of May Day. Nonetheless, here we are in the month of May already. It’s crazy how fast the past four months have flown by!

Speaking of flying by, today certainly flew by. I went to work at the B&B and got off a little earlier than usual. We decided to take advantage of the extra hour so we headed to a town an hour and a half away to pick up some tractor parts before they closed.

CountryBoy is doing some much-needed maintenance on the ‘ol tractor. He dismantled much of it yesterday and gave it a good cleaning to get all the old grease and dirt off it. We picked up a new water pump and some PTO seals at the New Holland/Ford dealer. It’ll be nice to have the tractor in good working order for the upcoming season of bush hogging, grading the drive and who knows what else one might just need a tractor for!

On our way home, we stopped by the big box store and picked up a sand box for Mabel.

It will not be used as a sand box but rather a pool for her to lay in if she gets hot. (These sand boxes are good and sturdy and will withstand the use from a pot belly pig unlike the flimsy kiddy pools.)

For now, it’s a big watering hole!

Speaking of water, the chickens seem to prefer some good ‘ol muddy water instead of their clean water…

Silly girls!

We are in for more rain over the next several days. Here’s hoping that it’s a nice soaker rain that will water and nourish the garden rather than a deluge that could wash away the seeds.

We’ve had some new species of birds at the feeders this year one being this Indigo Bunting…

So cool! Another new species at our feeders this year are several Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. I have really enjoyed sitting on the porch in the mornings and evenings watching the birds. I’ll share a photo of them in another blog post.

Speaking of blogging, I’ve set a goal to do my best to make the time to write a blog post every week day and some weekends during the month of May. We’ll all see how it goes!

Now it’s time for a quick shower and some reading before heading to bed.

Till next time…

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