The Hope of the Farmer/Gardener

This past week was a glimpse of the days to come…. sunshine, warmer temps and only a stray shower or two. Believe you me it surely was welcomed after such a long wet and gray winter.

It’s amazing what a week like that will do to the farmer/gardener at heart. You start itching to go outside; sitting at a desk becomes a struggle; you need to plant something; you yearn for color and blue skies; you want to get the garden ready and weed the flower beds but it’s still a little brisk out there and the wind will cut through you like a knife.

Speaking of wind, we had some strong gusts the other day which resulted in more tin on the barn working its way loose (which, by the way, the wayward piece from a few weeks ago has already flown off), the vacant beehive was knocked off its stand, metal roofing that was on top of the well flew off slicing through a small maple tree which then had to be trimmed and the grape arbor bit the dust. Literally…

CountryBoy trimmed the grapevines and removed the mess and now we need to figure out what sort of arbor we want in its place.

Since we had very little rain last week the ground finally dried up enough to till up the garden…

We called a friend and neighbor down the road that has a tractor and tiller. CountryBoy drove over to his place and helped him do some maintenance work on it and they attached the tiller. He came on home and started some breakfast while the friend drove down with the tractor and did the first till.

After a hearty farm breakfast our friend drove our truck back to his house and CountyBoy did a second till before moving to the back yard…

How ’bout that outhouse?!

We now have two good size garden plots ready for lots of vegetables and flowers.

Seeing the freshly turned dirt inspired me to clean up the greenhouse this afternoon and get some seeds started…

greenhouse before cleanup

I started a half tray of each – Roma tomatoes, Red Romaine lettuce, jalapeños and green peppers. I also started a dozen Cilantros.

As I was trimming the mint the greenhouse smelled minty fresh…

It felt so good seeing the plants coming back to life, tending to them and having my fingers in some dirt – such great therapy!

The first signs of Spring is a balm to the soul…

It rejuvenates the heart and mind and brings forth hope of what is to come. For year after year, no matter how the previous years crops faired, at the first signs of Spring the hope within farmers and gardeners alike bursts forth. Past failures and memories of poor harvests quickly fade away leaving only hope and anticipation for a successful garden season.

So CHEERS to another season of dirt under the fingernails and the hope of lots and lots of fresh veggies and flowers this year!

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