February Surprise

What a DAY this second day of February has been!

We woke up to some thick fog but ever so slowly the fog gave way as the sun showed its face over the mountaintop.

It was such a welcome sight! Since there are more gray days than sunny days during the winter any time the sun shines it is glorious.

But to top it off the temperature creeped into the sixties today. In February? What a nice surprise!

I spent the morning doing some chores (sneaking in some weaving here and there every time I went upstairs), made some Colloidal Silver and watered the plants. As I went to take the trash out I discovered CountryBoy man-handling the extension ladder at the barn. I stood there with my hands on my hips thinking ‘surely he was NOT about to go up that ladder without me knowing’. Surely. He saw me and waved as he headed back to the barn. sigh. I knew he was getting ready to attempt to fix the wayward piece of tin that is about to come off…

Would’ya LOOK at that blue sky!!!

Apparently this section of the barn has been through some rough times by the looks of all the patch jobs it has gotten in years past…

I stopped what I was doing, donned some shoes, grabbed my camera and headed down to what – help? witness an accident? I knew there was nothing I could do but pray and hold the ladder.

The first attempt on this side of the roof was unsuccessful. The roof was far too steep.

After moving the ladder to the front of the barn CountryBoy was able to get the tin to lay back down and put a few roofing screws at the bottom and middle of the piece of tin. The top part? Our ladder is not tall enough and the tin hangs too far over the barn for him to reach over it very far. And, at this point, his bum knee (the one he had replaced but still gives him trouble) was letting him know enough was enough.

We’ll see what happens the next time there are heavy winds.

Once I finished my chores I grabbed my camera and walked along the creek enjoying the warmth of the sun and soaking up some Vitamin D…

This section of the creek, above, flows under our bridge (you can barely see it in the upper right corner). There are times when the water coming off the mountains behind the house brings the water up and over the creek bank and even over our bridge during a hard rain.

The sound of the water flowing over these teeny waterfalls is so soothing. It’s one of my favorite sounds. That and the sounds of birds chirping and singing their songs.

Speaking of birds, the girls were actually out and about today…

They are not keen on venturing out when the ground is covered with snow nor do they care for the breezy cold temperatures. Spoiled? Probably! Now if they would just start laying again.

This day, the second day of February, was a much needed pleasant surprise with its sunshine and warmer weather. We were able to turn the gas heater in the bathroom off and let the fire die out.

All too soon I was heating up leftovers and shortly thereafter the sun fell behind the mountain once again. Thankfully, we have a few more warmer days in the forecast this week before the temps plummet once again. For now, we’ll take all the warm days we can get to save on wood and if the sun comes out on those warm days – even better!

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