Plummeting Temps

As much of the country is experiencing crazy weather patterns and extreme drops in temperature it is no different here.

We woke this morning to a couple of inches of beautiful snow…

and even though it never got out of the teens today much of the snow disappeared by late afternoon.

When properly dressed cold weather is tolerable. Unless it’s windy and guess what? It was very windy today. In fact, we could feel the breeze coming through the ‘ol farmhouse!

I have to say, though, that each winter the ‘ol house gets more cozy and bearable thanks to many hours of hard work during the warmer months to make it so.

The first winter we were here we could see our breath in the house because the only heat source at the time was a bulky gas heater that sat in front of the fireplace but did not put out any heat. Plus, the two small bottles of propane the gas company set up (because they could not drive their big, heavy truck filled with propane across our dilapidated bridge) would freeze. Needless to say our first project was removing the bulky gas heater, repairing the bridge and buying a wood burning insert for our double fireplace and having it installed…

What a lifesaver!

For the other side of the stone fireplace we bought and installed a ventless gas heater…

The insert does a fine job keeping most of the house warm until days like today. With a sweatshirt and fleece pants on it’s still a bit chilly in the house so we turn on the ventless gas heater occasionally to take the chill out of the air.

Our living room does not benefit from either of these heat sources. We have an electric radiator heater going but when the wind is blowing through the house there’s not much one can do other than pile on the blankets and quilts and drink copious amounts of hot tea. Even though it is cold in there, at least we are not seeing our breath! And when we do get too cold, we sit at the table smack dab in front of the fireplace to warm up which is where we’re at right now!

Another project we tackled last summer to make winters a bit easier was enclosing the cistern room to help keep our pipes from freezing. What a blessing that enclosed room has been and so far, we have had running water in the mornings even after nighttime temps in the single digits.

Tonight will be another single digit night and quite possibly dipping into the negatives where we’re at. Brrr!

We are going through quite a bit of wood just to keep the house somewhat comfortable. We may be cutting, chopping and splitting wood sooner than we originally thought if this crazy weather keeps up.


I ended up with the day off from the B&B job. I do the ironing in the basement and with it being so cold today the basement would’ve felt like a meat freezer. Which is quite a funny analogy because the B&B only serves vegetarian meals. Ha! Oh well, I’m grateful I didn’t have to go in because no amount of layering would’ve helped.

So I spent the day rearranging our bedroom. I know, I know, I’m rearranging again! But, the master bedroom needed something.

As I was moving a piece of furniture I felt a cool breeze coming through the walls. Nice! I think I need to hang some tapestries throughout the house. Ha!

The furniture layout is better now but it still needs some color. Maybe one day I’ll find a bedspread or quilt that I like and that should liven it up and bring it all together.

I also spent some time doing some weaving…

I started this project the day after I took my last scarf off the loom.

I’m using two different types of yarn. Again, both are left over from other projects. The warp is a thin yarn and the weft is a thicker yarn with a natural twist to it.

I wanted this scarf to be narrower than the last one but it will be the same length. It’s working up fairly quickly. I even remembered to plan for the hemstitching this time and have already hemmed this end.


When I think back over the past four winters that we’ve been at the farm I can’t help but be grateful for the progress we’ve made to make each winter a bit easier and more comfortable – drafty ‘ol box-frame farmhouse and all!

Tomorrow, it’s back to work at the newspaper but it is supposed to start warming up tomorrow. There are even some 60 degree days ahead according to the forecast.

I hope y’all are staying warm and if you do have to go out into the plummeting temps stay safe.

Till next time!


  1. So glad you are more cozy this year! We are having some of those single digits this week too. I like the cold but this has been a lot, even for me. The snow was beautiful! Hard to believe Sunday it will be 62! Love the pics of your fireplace!


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