Creative Ingenuity and Kitties

It was downright cold the other day. So cold, in fact, that it was impossible to get the house warm even though there was a fire blazing in the fireplace, the electric radiator heater was on in the living room and the wall-mounted gas heater in the bathroom was on. Even sitting at the table a few feet from the fireplace we were still cold.

When I got in the truck to go to work the thermometer read -3 degrees. No wonder we couldn’t get the house warm.

I crept on in to work that day because of all the rain we had right before the snow came. I especially took care on a stretch of road that is maybe a lane and a half wide (at best)…

It’s really fun meeting the school bus on this road! We inch along past each other and go on our way. But on this morning – there were lots of sections of ice. Thank goodness for four wheel drive!

Once I turn off this road and cross the bridge the road becomes normal and I was able to speed up a little, still taking precautions for any possible areas of black ice.

My favorite part of my route to work is heading down this windy part where the land eventually becomes a bit flatter…

Please note: the traffic is minimal along these roads so I was able to stop and take these photos.

My usual route to and from work is basically a loop. I have the choice of going two different ways but the above route is about five minutes faster so I typically take it going to work and the other route is a few minutes longer but is an easy drive after a day at the office. (I’ve showed a photo in the past from that route.) Either route I take is a peaceful drive.

I came home, that frigid day, to some creative ingenuity of CountryBoy’s…

he had taken our bedroom ‘doors’ down from our room and the guest room and hung them around the staircase to keep the heat from the fireplace downstairs. See, our wood-burning fireplace is directly across from the table and stairs and much of the heat went right up the stairs into the landing which is my craft room. I usually ended up sweating after being up there for a bit.

After he hung the ‘doors’ (which are simply fabric shower curtains on tension rods because I haven’t come up with a better solution yet) you wouldn’t believe how much warmer the downstairs is now. It’s awesome!

It’s definitely cooler upstairs now so these flannel sheets I snagged at Kroger last week for $20 sure came in handy…

I’m loving the plaid and the warmth of these sheets!

This morning we took Missy & Sissy to the vet to be spayed. They are six months and a few weeks old already and even though they are a couple of cutie pies we did not want to take the chance of them becoming pregnant so off to the vet they went.

I called to check on them this afternoon and was told they did well. They are staying overnight and can come home tomorrow. They are such sweet girls!

Since we have a hard time telling them apart we requested to have opposite ears clipped a tiny bit rather than being tattooed. The vet said that was no problem. Hopefully we’ll be able to call them by name now rather than ‘kitty, kitty, muffin schmitty’, ha!

Till next time!

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