A Trip to The Glitz

Last Thursday my fellow Snug Hollow Farm B&B co-workers and I left the holler and took a trip to Nonesuch, Kentucky (outside of Versailles) where our boss treated us to a fabulous lunch at The Glitz which is located in the basement of Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques.  

We spent the day away from the hustle & bustle of keeping the B&B in top shape for its guests and enjoyed some ‘girl-time’ with lots of laughs and good eats.

On the way to Nonesuch we stopped for coffee at Chocolate Holler in Lexington where the coffee’s were works of art and oh-so tasty…

I had a Butterscotch Cappuccino with a shot of Espresso and my eyes literally rolled back in my head at the first sip.  SO smooth and decadent – it was a treat, for sure!

Once we were overly caffeinated we headed to The Glitz.  We arrived a few minutes before our reservation so we wandered around the Gallery of Antiques that occupy the first and second floor…

There are so many beautiful, high-end antiques that within minutes your visual senses are on overload.  You also realize quickly that you need to make sure your pocket-book (or in my case, camera bag) is snug at your side so that you don’t knock anything over and wind up in the basement washing dishes for a year to pay for what you knocked over, ha! THAT’S how beautiful the antiques are.

After a quick trip around the Gallery it was time to head downstairs to dine.

There were nine of us so we were seated at the front of the room at a long table…

with another large party at the furthest end of the room.

(Here’s a peak at one of the other rooms at The Glitz…)

We started our lunch with their awesome chilled Spiced Apple Refresher while we perused the menu.  (I’ve been told it is also good hot.  I may have brought a bottle or two home with me!)

I had a difficult time deciding what to order but I started with an appetizer of the Brie en Croute…

If I could’ve gotten away with licking the plate I totally would have.  As it was I think I scraped it about as clean as I could with the fork!

Then came the entree.  I chose the Seafood Paella…

Again, I would’ve licked the plate – SO flavorful!  Surprisingly, the sugar snap peas added a delightful crunch and went extremely well with this dish.  (I think we’re going to have to plant a few in the garden come Spring!)

For dessert, I ordered the Nonesuch Kiss…

Mocha ice cream on top of meringue, with hot fudge, sliced almonds, whipped cream and a cherry on top – oh my!  I cleaned this plate too.

You would think I wouldn’t have been able to get out of my chair but the portions were perfect leaving me full and quite satisfied but not miserably stuffed.  Which was a good thing as we spent some time after lunch browsing the Gallery some more…

This old scale filled with Christmas decorations caught my eye and I thought it was the cutest thing.  My guess is the simplicity, the age/wear-and-tear of the scale and the fact that this would’ve looked perfect in our old farmhouse is what made it stand out.  These are the kinds of antiques that I love but alas, it stayed right where it was and I will forever remember it in a photo.

The day flew by and before we all knew it it was time to head back to the hills & hollers of the Appalachians.

good food, great company, and gobs of fun at The Glitz!

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