Just One More Day (or twelve!), Please

The last four days have been spectacular.  Why, you ask?  Well, for starters I had some time off from both jobs and was able to stay home.  With the exception of joining our adoptive family for a feast on Thanksgiving Day I have not left the farm.  Not for milk or bread and especially not for Black Friday!

Home is where my heart is.  Home is where I long to be day in, day out.  Not only do I enjoy just being at home I enjoy creating a cozy & welcoming home using the antiques and farm-style items we’ve collected over the years – even before moving to the ‘ol farm and farmhouse.

My first day off I had planned to get started on sewing some Christmas gifts but I woke up that morning with an overwhelming urge to find a space for my computer desk.  A space where I could see outside rather than a wall.  A space where I would feel more inspired and motivated to actually sit down at it to edit photos or write blog posts rather than feeling like I was in time out.  This was not going to be an easy feat, mind you, but I was determined.

I tried a few design layouts in my head then when I thought I had a layout I could live with out came the measuring tape.  I wanted to make sure the furniture pieces would fit where I wanted them to go before I set about actually moving them.  Here’s where my computer desk now resides…

As you can see, I can look out the window onto the front porch and beyond.  With a view like that I may just get to daydreamin’!

In order to get the desk in this spot I had to move a small handmade bookcase to another location.  In order to move the bookcase where I wanted to put it I had to move a handmade table that our TV was sitting on. The table ended up in our pantry/laundry room.  It will be perfect for my Kombucha stuff and for folding clothes.  The bookcase ended up in the living room…

In order for CountryBoy to see the TV from his recliner with this new set up I had to move another desk – a heavy, solid wood roll-top desk.  That desk was my first major purchase as a young twenty-something and has been moved five times since.  i basically swapped the recliner and the desk.  Here’s where it ended up…

It fit perfectly on that tiny wall and helps to define the living room and creates a walkway of sorts into the dining room.  As you can see in the above photo, my desk closes up hiding my modern day laptop in a 100 year old farmhouse.  Genius!

By the time I finished moving everything around, cleaning as I went, I knew there would be no time or energy to get behind a sewing machine.  Instead, I nursed my sore shoulder muscles.  Three days later I am still paying for it but it was totally worth the effort!

Thanksgiving Day dawned cold and crisp with a light layer of frost on the ground.

The kitties were little bundles of energy loving the coolness of the morning and soaking up the sunshine…

The morning light was stunning and I was able to capture the following image…

I added some text to it wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from Dream Valley Farmstead and shared it on our Facebook farm page.

Yesterday I could not get motivated.  I did manage to start sewing some Christmas gifts but I’ll be honest, I struggled all day.  I have no desire to dig out the Christmas decorations.  My mind is consumed with work but not in a good way.  I’m constantly trying to discover my niche.  A niche that will help pay the bills.  A niche that will get this farm to the next level and the ol’ farmhouse in tip-top shape.  I fear that niche will never be found which, is probably what keeps me from discovering it.  Yesterday I felt the weight of the world on my already sore shoulders.  I did stop that nonsense long enough to appreciate one of my Christmas cacti getting ready to bloom…

I can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers!

Today the nonsense from yesterday barely entered my mind and it certainly didn’t keep me from being motivated to get some things accomplished.  Funny how that is.

I even felt compelled to sit down at my computer to write a brief article for my newspaper job, upload and edit some photos for the article, check on some essential oil work stuff…

and even write a blog post while listening to some Enya, Yanni & George Winston.  I’d say the new desk location is gonna work out just fine :).

Come tomorrow, it’s back to reality.  May I have another day (or twelve) to stay home?! 

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