Being Intentional

With each passing day I am discovering that the days, weeks, months and years are flying by with what almost seems the speed of light.  Now, I know that’s stretching it a bit but, for real, am I the only one that has no idea where October went let alone this year?!

October is one of my favorites months.  There’s no specific reason why it’s my favorite.  It just is.  The leaves are changing; the days are still somewhat long; the temperatures are cooler; and, the atmosphere just seems to be so vibrant.

During October and the first few days of November we welcomed various family and friends to the farmhouse.  We love having guests and find it a joy to entertain.  CountryBoy outdid himself feeding everyone and making his signature cinnamon rolls.  Well, for everyone except his buddy and former EMS working partner, that is.  I hear he’s still pretty miffed about it!  I’m thinking there were too many ‘Scooby’ snacks (tons of chocolate!) available and CountryBoy’s sweet tooth was happy so the thought of cinnamon rolls didn’t even cross his mind.  oops!!!

The first morning of November began with a spectacular sunrise…


It was such a beautiful sight to witness.  Photographing it and realizing that it was the first day of a brand new month made me realize how quickly time passes.

As of late, I have come to realize that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to the passing of time.

My multi-tasking abilities have me rushing from one thing (or things) to the next and not really enjoying much of anything.  Before I know it the days, weeks and months are gone.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a LOT of hobbies and I enjoy each and every one of them.  That’s why it’s a hobby, right?!  But, I am finding that I am rushing through a project or hobby so that I can start the next project or hobby and not really enjoying what I am working on at that moment.

So, with that discovery, I am doing my best to be more intentional in everything that I set out to do.  No matter if it’s a hobby or a necessary chore/task I intend to slow down and enjoy the process of the task at hand.

For instance, I have a couple large orders for my machine embroidered bar mop towels.  Since I had the day off I decided to work on finishing up the largest order today.  Rather than rushing through the process of making them I chose to take my time and enjoy each of the many steps involved in making these.  Before I knew it, I was done with the order and everything went smooth.


Aren’t they cute?!

Anyhoo, even though I was focused on working on these today I also had to get Saturday’s chores done.  Mind you, I wanted to get this large order done but, with my new-found goal of being intentional in all things and enjoying the process of each task I chose to take my time.  I did not rush through any of the steps and before I knew it I was on the last towel and had even gotten all the chores done.  The day ended up being extremely productive as well as enjoyable.


Being intentional is going to be a process for me because there are always a million and one things going through my head that I want to do.  I will have to constantly remind myself to slow down and enjoy whatever I am doing or working on at the moment.  I can still plan ahead but I no longer want the future to overshadow the present.  Some days will be easier than others but eventually I believe it will become a habit.  A good habit!  And maybe, just maybe, my days, weeks, months and years will slow down a bit and I will have many more enjoyable, intentional moments rather than a rushed, where in the world did the time go kinda feeling! 🙂

Speaking of slowing down, doesn’t this just melt your heart…


Creamsicle and the babies.  I love seeing them snuggle up together – so sweet!




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