Autumn Beauty & Kitties

Have you ever stopped doing something, for whatever reason, that you really enjoy doing only to find it difficult to start up again later on?

That is where I’m at when it comes to blogging.

I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of blogging… from taking the photos and editing them to sitting down and writing stories that match the photos and sharing my thoughts.  But, I have found that the longer I am away from the blogging process the harder it is for me to get back in the groove – seeking out photo subject/topics and starting the creative flow of words.

Take this blog post, for instance… I have some beautiful Autumn photos of views from the farm and some cute kitty pics but the words?  they’re just not flowing.  I guess the ‘ol saying is true – ‘practice makes perfect’!  I don’t know about perfect but I know that practicing sure makes it easier (wink!).

So, as I bumble around with the words in this blog post here’s a pretty picture to get things rolling…

Autumn Kitties2

The leaves have started to change colors creating a colorful backdrop everywhere you look.

My drive to and from work has me slowing down and enjoying the beauty that surrounds me because I know that the beautiful colors are temporary and all too soon the leaves will be gone and the trees will be dormant for the winter.

Autumn Kitties3

Our beautiful backyard.  Sadly, I don’t get outside much these days to enjoy it.  I hope that changes next year.

Speaking of changes, these girls, or babies as we call them are changing and growing like weeds now!

Autumn Kitties8

We got these two from another Farmers Market vendor when they were about six weeks old.  It’s been a couple months and they are starting to look more like cats rather than kittens.

We have yet to officially name them as we have not been able to tell them apart.  There are a few differences between the two such as one’s a bit darker and one has a slightly narrower face but if they are not together than it’s not easy to tell them apart so they continue to be unnamed.  Poor girls!  Any ideas on names?  We’re leaning toward Ginger & Snap or Snappy.

Greyfus (or Smokey as a recent guest called her) has been great with all the kitties we’ve had.  She has been very gentle and has even shown them the ropes.

Autumn Kitties5

I hope she’ll continue to be sweet to them and not pull the alpha-kitty moves on them like she does to Creamsicle.  Time will tell.

Well, folks, I’ve managed to squeak out another blog post!

Enjoy each moment for the moments equal a lifetime.



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