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Friday afternoons are spent at our local Farmer’s Market.

market day1

Last year we had the small table at the far end and only sold eggs and maybe a few extra veggies from our garden.

You can see we’ve expanded our ‘goods’ this year!

Last Friday we had fresh picked beets & basil, our unique Corn Cob Jelly, eggs, and CountryBoy’s awesome (if I do say so myself!) homemade Cinnamon Buns.

I did not have to work Friday morning so I got the embroidery machine humming and churning out some cute bar mop towels.  While the machine was chugging away I made some items for a local Spa Basket…

I love the stuff in the Spa Basket!  I picked up some items from a couple of the other market vendors such as Lavender Goat Milk soap and Honey & Oatmeal Goat Milk lotion both made from the milk of goats at a local farm and a jar of Citrus Body Scrub made locally; I made some Lavender Bath Salts and Lavender Linen Spray and added a dragonfly washcloth I knitted and put them all in a woven fabric basket made by me as well.  I am hoping that someone will snatch this up and fall in love with all of the products and will hopefully help grow the businesses of all the artisans of these products.

We also offer a lot of other craft items made by myself and a friend of mine so with all that our tables fill up fast with goodies.

Last Friday, we sold out of Cinnamon Buns, basil, eggs and the bar mop towels and we sold a few other goodies so, overall, it was a good day at the market.

We only sold a few beets at the market so yesterday we pickled and canned them…

random photos3

Ten half-pint jars.  I’m still deciding whether to keep these or sell them.  I do know several locals (and non-locals) that love them!  There are still lots of beets in the garden so, we’ll see (wink!).

Yesterday was also a nice warm day.  OK, it was hot.  There, I said it.  Ha!

Since it was laundry day and it was warm (OK hot!) outside I decided to hang the laundry on the line to dry…

random photos1

I enjoy doing laundry anyway but when I get to hang them on the line to dry?  I enjoy it even more!

Last night I posted a cute, old-fashioned picture on Facebook of a lady hanging clothes on the line all dressed up and in her heels.  It was cute but so far from the way I looked hanging clothes on the line – shorts, t-shirt, clothespin apron and bare feet.  I love walking around the yard in my bare feet.  Our grass is so soft and I get some good grounding time in.  Love it!  As far as heels?  I don’t even own any.  If I have to wear shoes it’s cowboy boots, flip flops or sandals for me!

And for those of you who have resisted the mindless temptation that is called Facebook (wink!) here is a photo I posted earlier today with the status ‘And so it begins…’

random photos4

We are starting to harvest bits and pieces of produce.  Each day there will be something to harvest from now until the end of summer.

We’re hoping to have a mess of okra to take to market next week and maybe some banana peppers as well and I’m hoping to keep up with it all while working two jobs.  Thankfully, CountryBoy has offered to help and learn the ‘putting up’ process which will make it a lot easier and go much quicker.

And, last but not least, is an update on the ‘cistern room’ project…

random photos2

The plumbing has been moved; insulation has been added; original clapboard siding has been put back on what will be our feature wall with recessed storage for root crops; window has been removed and barn wood-look panels have been installed; three more panels and some studs have been purchased; and we are in the process of finding a reasonable solution for covering the piece-mealed ceiling.  It’s a slow process as we try to figure out the best solutions and the best order to tackle this project so that the work is a bit easier and we don’t have to redo something because we did it too soon.  Any of you who have ever done a renovation project I know you know what I’m talking about!

Anyway, I think it will be a great addition to the farmhouse when it’s finished.

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  1. As a “non-local” aforementioned, I can vouch for the deliciousness (is that a word?) of the pickled beets. Save me a jar! 🙂


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