Sightseeing Trip to the Rock Bridge Arch

One of the perks when we were traveling and working out west were the opportunities to go sightseeing.  Since moving to Kentucky just over three years now we have spent so much time reclaiming the farmhouse and grounds that we have yet to do a whole lot of sightseeing.  And, quite frankly, we felt as if we were getting burned out on the constant work and upkeep.

As we were relaxing on the front porch one evening we decided that we needed to start making time to get out and about and to do some sightseeing.

Last Monday I had off work from the paper so we decided to spend the day doing some hiking in the Red River Gorge area.  So, with my camera in hand and the directions in my head, we set out for a short drive to a trail that led to the Rock Bridge Arch.

Rock Bridge 1

We parked the truck and headed counter-clockwise on the trail loop.

Rock Bridge 2.jpg

It was an overcast day with bouts of drizzle off and on so we kept our eye out for rock shelters in case we needed one…

Rock Bridge 3.jpg

It’s a good thing we didn’t need this one since it would’ve been awfully tight.  And, more than likely, if we had to sit down for any length of time we probably wouldn’t have been able to get back up.  At least very easily, ha!

It was an easy trail with lots of natural ‘steps’ and lush foliage…

Rock Bridge 4

Around the curve in the above photo was a rock shelter that we probably could’ve set up house in…

Rock Bridge 5

Rock Bridge 6

It was huge and quite deep.  I think we would have been protected from the rain save a few drips here and there from water seeping through the rock.

The trail was well kept up with natural steps, wooden bridges or cut-outs in fallen trees making it an easy trail…

Many parts of the trail looked down-right tropical…

During much of the trail we had followed a small creek and then all of a sudden you walk up on a lovely waterfall…

Rock Bridge 13

At this point, CountryBoy got excited seeing the water and knowing he could get in it!

So, we quickly moved on in search of a way to get to the waterfall…

Rock Bridge 16

down some stairs, around the rock overhang…

Rock Bridge 17

and viola…

Rock Bridge 18

the feet are in!!!

We spent a good amount of time at this lovely spot before moving on.  But, before we do how ’bout one more look from above…

Rock Bridge 15

As we were following the water’s edge we came across some stacked rocks…

Rock Bridge 22

To some this may seem strange but while we were sightseeing out west we came across stacked rocks all the time so when we saw these we were immediately reminded of our enjoyment of all our sightseeing adventures while traveling and they put a smile on our faces.

Around another curve along the water’s edge was the Rock Bridge Arch…

Rock Bridge 23

Now it was my turn to put my feet in the water so I could get this shot!

And this one…

Rock Bridge 27

The beauty of nature!

We finally decided to move on and get on the trail again…

Rock Bridge 28

Since the Rock Bridge Arch is about halfway along the trail we knew the rest of the trail would be climbing up out of the Gorge…

Rock Bridge 29

Rock Bridge 30

It really wasn’t that bad a climb as it was gradual but the humidity was high and it was quite warm so we paced ourselves and stopped along the way to catch our breath but it was before we made it to this bench…

Rock Bridge 31

Good to know for next time!

Here we are back at the top…

Rock Bridge 32

It was a lovely hike and an awesome day!  We will definitely go again but next time I know someone who will have his swimming trunks on!



  1. It is so nice to take a walk and see the worlds beauty that we so often miss. Your pics remind me of long ago, when we would walk through Turkey Run State park in Indiana. Jim and I were just married……so it really was ..looooooooong ago!

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