New Old Stuff at the Farmhouse

Last Saturday we drove a couple hours north of us to meet some family on my Dad’s side.

But, before that, I got a phone call earlier in the week from my Dad’s cousin.  They are moving further north, back to Ohio where their children and family currently live and she had some items that she thought I would enjoy and that would be perfect for the farmhouse.

One such item is this Florence Rotary treadle sewing machine made by the A. G. Mason Manufacturing Company in 1916…

birthday weekend 9

That was the last year the Mason Company made treadle sewing machines before selling the company to the Domestic Sewing Machine Company the same  year.

What’s really cool about this machine (Florence Rotary) is that we picked it up in Florence, Kentucky where my Dad’s cousin currently lives and the manufacturer of these machines was based in Cleveland, Ohio where my Dad was born and raised.  Pretty cool, huh?  Or am I the only one that thinks the correlation is pretty awesome!

It’s in great shape and it didn’t take much to polish it up…

birthday weekend 10

Since it actually works I guess I need to start watching some YouTube videos on how to work it.

Inside the drawers were all sorts of goodies and attachments and there were lots of needles in the little wooden holder…

birthday weekend 11

I have no idea what half the attachments are for or how they are used but it will be fun figuring them out!

Another item we brought home with us was an antique wash stand…

birthday weekend 13

I had a wash stand in one of the guest rooms but it was dark wood and didn’t really match anything in there so I put this one in there and put the other one in our room where it matches our furniture much better.

birthday weekend 12

We brought home a few other goodies but we spent several hours that day getting to know each other, talking about our family history, and eating one of our faves – pizza!  We thoroughly enjoyed the visit and time flew by way too fast.  Before we knew it we had to load the truck and head on back to the farm to gather some eggs and check on all the animals.  Fun times!



  1. How wonderful! I love those kind of connections about which you wrote! The items you have are beautiful…wish they could talk. Imagine the stories they could tell. How blessed are we with family and sweet memories… Love to you both♥️


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