Short & Sweet

I spent some time today customizing this here little ‘ol blog.

After discovering that the places where y’all can sign up to receive the blog posts via email or the link to our Facebook page was waaaaayyyyyy down at the bottom of several blog posts I decided it was time to change the blog up a bit.  If you’ll glance to the right you can easily find where you can sign up to get an email when a new blog post has been published, you can click to check out and Like our Facebook page, you can search for previous blog posts and, if you read or write blogs with WordPress then you can simple hit the Follow button next to the WordPress symbol.  I hope this helps you keep up with all our shenanigans!

I’m also thinking of starting a regular Saturday blog post and keeping it short and sweet thus the title, haha!  We’ll see how this goes with my somewhat crazy schedule.


I wanted to share our morning coffee with y’all…

short n sweet 062318 2

On mornings where the weather is comfortable and simply beckons you outdoors we sit on our front porch and sip our coffee.  There are, now, four cats that want attention during this time and LizzeBelle tries to be the first to claim my lap.

Over the years I have become more of a morning person.  I prefer getting up when the rooster crows (as they say cuz we can’t hear ours when in the house!) but, I also prefer a slow start to the day rather than jumping out of bed and hitting the floor running.  It’s just not a good day when I have to do that.  So, it’s a good amount of time that we are sitting out here enjoying the view, the antics of the animals and thoroughly soaking in the peace and quiet.  This world can be so noisy at times and I find myself not handling it very well anymore.  Chalk it up to our quiet and peaceful surroundings and probably old age!

Since I had the day off I spent the day doing small tasks here and there.  I love these kind of days!  Days where I can move from one task to the next doing whatever I feel motivated and inspired to tackle.

While sitting on the porch reading a magazine a friend of mine let me borrow, I came across an article on SCOBY’s (Symbiotic Cultures Of Bacteria and Yeast) and Kombucha.

For the past several months I have been getting up the nerve to try making my own Kombucha.  Since the beginning of the year I have been lurking in a group on Facebook where tons of information is shared about their Kombucha-making experiences and  I have yet to start a batch of my own.  I even got a SCOBY and some starter tea from a fellow farmer’s market vendor about a month ago and it is still in my fridge patiently waiting for me to just-do-it.

So, after reading the article in a past issue of Mary Jane’s Farm magazine I am going to DO it!  I aired and fed my SCOBY (which I didn’t know I needed to do, oops!) and in the next few days I will actually start a batch working around my work schedule.

short n sweet 062318 3

That’s the SCOBY and the starter I was given.  The SCOBY is squished in the jar but it resembles a pancake and, over time, will grow more layers which I can split apart and gift to someone and share the Kombucha love!

What IS Kombucha?  It’s basically fermented sweet tea which can be flavored to your liking.  What is Kombucha good for?  Your health!  According to the article the health benefit claims of Kombucha are: – eliminates toxins, – improves liver and digestive, immune, and excretory systems’ health, – prevents/treats cancer and arthritis, – reduces/eliminates fibromyalgia and depression, – improves energy levels, – combats hardening of arteries, kidneys, brain capillaries, and cardiac vessels, – combats candida, gout, hemorrhoids, and diabetes, – decreases anxiety, irritability, headaches, and dizziness.  Now who doesn’t need one or all of those benefits!  Upon reading all that I am ready to make my own and start taking advantage of these health benefits.

I also spent some time in the greenhouse tidying it up and starting some seeds…

short n sweet 062318 4

I started some Marigolds and to the right you’ll see a piece of Christmas Cactus that had been broken off accidentally so I stuck it in some Cactus dirt.  It looks like it will take as there are tiny new pieces of cactus forming at the tip.  Yay!  Fingers cross for the Marigolds.  I have not had much luck starting flowers from seeds but it is something that I want to figure out because who doesn’t love some color in the form of a flower in their life?!

Tidying the greenhouse seems to be a constant thing.  It should probably be an every day thing because it ends up being a dumping zone for all sorts of various and sundry items.  At the moment there are things being temporarily stored in there, such as our honey extractor and miscellaneous bee-keeping paraphernalia as well as some Farmer’s Market stuff that all needs to stay in there until the cistern room is enclosed where these things will have a permanent home.  But, closing in the cistern room will be a while since we are working on it as the funds allow.  So, with that, I periodically tidy up as best I can so that we can walk around in there and it can function as a greenhouse and look pretty at the same time.  (My goal for every project!)

short n sweet 062318 6

My B&B boss gave me this awesome wooden beverage crate.  Ale 8 is a Kentucky-made soda, not far from us, that we occasionally enjoy.  (We rarely drink soda or pop but when we do it will usually be an Ale 8!  Not to mention we love supporting locally made stuff!)  So, needless to say, I was thrilled when she gave it to me!  It holds all of our vegetable and flower seeds.

One of my favorite spots in the greenhouse is this sweet little spot…

short n sweet 062318 5

It’s a great place to have a bite to eat, enjoy the rain, or read a book.  One of these days I may even write a blog post while sitting there!

We tackled several other small tasks throughout the day in between bouts of relaxing on the porch.  Did I mention I just love these kind of days?

Well, this ended up being more of a somewhat short & sweet post rather than the original short & sweet as planned…  I’m not sure I can do a short and sweet one, ha!





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