Market Season is Here

It’s Farmer’s Market season!

This time of year, as you’re out and about, you may start seeing signs around your town advertising a local farmer’s market.  Our little county-wide market officially opened a couple of weeks ago and we were set up there with our farm fresh brown and green country eggs, some jams & jellies and several of my craft items.

Market days are busy for the vendors.  I never realized the work and effort a vendor puts in to their product and booth until we started participating in our local farmer’s market.  Things to consider such as table display, signage, pricing, loading tables & chairs, having change for larger bills, bags, and let’s not forget about packing up and loading and unloading the product! Whether it’s a craft show, farmer’s market or any other type of temporary venue, there is a lot of thought and work involved prior to the event just to hopefully appeal to potential buyers.

Since we don’t have any produce to sell yet (due to a late frost) I decided, at the last minute last week, to make a few cutesy things for one’s kitchen…

staying busy2

Bar mop towels!  I dusted off my embroidery machine and whipped out nine of these little towels each with a different kitchen-themed design.  (I think they’re adorable and if they don’t sell… oh well, ha!)

We only sold one dozen eggs last week but that’s OK because we had a great time visiting with fellow vendors and talking with the market-goers.  It’s always a fun time!  Each week more and more people will find out the market is open for the season and it will get busier.

If there is a local market near you I encourage you to check it out.  You will meet some wonderful people and you will be helping support your local farmers.

In other news, this girl right here…

narket n belle3

our sweet LizzieBelle (staring intently at something in the garden), gave us quite the scare Saturday morning.

She woke up with a swollen neck, didn’t want any breakfast and made a horrible hollering sound any time we tried to pet her or check her out to see what was wrong.

She let me carry her down the stairs but we could tell she was in pain but, from what, we  had no idea.  And, of course, it’s Saturday.  I googled her symptoms and read that with a sudden onset of a swollen neck to seek immediate help from a veterinarian.

As soon as I thought someone might be in the vet’s office I called and got the answering machine.  I hung up and called another local vet and, thankfully, they were having a rabies clinic that day which is why they were in the office.  They graciously said to bring her in.  (I am SO grateful they were working that Saturday.  They took such good care of LizzieBelle and were very reasonable.)

CountryBoy was in the middle of cooking breakfast but he turned the burner off and out the door we went with our sweet but hurting little girl.  I was some upset and nervous hoping it wouldn’t be bad news.

We were seen right away and after a thorough exam it was determined that LizzieBelle had, somehow, pulled a muscle and strained her neck.  I have no idea how or when she could have done that but after a laser treatment on her neck she was already looking more at ease.  We went home with a few pain pills and muscle relaxers for her.  After three doses she is feeling better, eating and back to her old self.  I’m definitely going to keep an eye on her, though, in case it flares up again.  That girl sure did scare her humans!

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