Days Like Today

It’s days like today that remind me why we chose to find and move to a farm in Kentucky and attempt to live a simpler life.

(Notice I didn’t say easier; I said simpler.  There certainly is a difference as the homesteading lifestyle actually entails lots of hard work but it’s fulfilling and rewarding leaving very little time for many modern-day frivolities and conveniences (which usually wind up stressing me out, ha!) and that’s OK with us.)

Beautiful days like today where I can hang the clothes on the line to dry and listen to the birds sing their song while doing so..

days like today 2

When CountryBoy can jump on the tractor to bush-hog the ‘lower 40’ keeping the farm looking good…

days like today 1

To go from one project to the next without being in a hurry…

(Leftover jute string was used to make this miniature modern plant hanger and leftover scrap wood was used to make a recessed bowl stand for the cat’s food.  Greyfus insists on raking food out of the bowl wasting a lot of food and enticing the ants to find it.)

And things like gathering two dozen eggs; taking a few minutes here and there to catch up with friends and family on Facebook; and getting to do one of our favorite things…

days like today 3

relaxing on the front porch, watching the birds and soaking in the peacefulness of our little piece of property…

days like today 5

Yes, it’s days like today that remind us that no matter what may come our way, good or bad, we are living our dream and we are thankful we are able to do so.

What kind of day is rewarding and/or memorable to you?

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