The Perfect Day

If I had to summarize the day in one word I would have to use the word perfect.

It was a beautiful, warm day.

I did not have to go to work.

I got to do some rearranging and organizing.

I did some sewing and laundry.  (Yes, I love laundry!  It was only one load but, hey, it still counts!)

I went for a hike up our hillside taking photos and looking for morel mushrooms.

I visited with my great-niece who stopped by as I was coming back from my hike.

I took an extremely hot-bath with epsom salts and Young Living’s PanAway (which is great for sore muscles.)

I spent some time on the front porch chatting with CountryBoy and am still on the porch trying to blog without getting distracted by the birds flocking to the feeder for their evening snack before their bedtime.

The day was spent doing lots of things that I enjoy making it the perfect day.

Here’s how it started…

After our morning coffee in front of the fireplace CountryBoy went fishing before the winds kicked up this afternoon.  While he was away, I decided to switch our dining tables around.  We have a handmade, one-of-a-kind octagon table CountryBoy bought from a gentleman in Arkansas that we love and we have a tiled farmhouse table that we also love that we bought at a thrift store when living in Florida.

We spend our days in a tiny space in front of the fireplace during the winter months and, until recently, the white farmhouse table occupied that space until I decided to move two chairs in front of the fireplace because they were much more comfortable than the dining chairs.  In so doing, I simply moved the white table to the edge of the living room because the octagon wood table was in the dining room.

I decided that the white table needed to go in the dining room because it was better suited for company and it matched the white and natural wood pieces I have in there.

perfect day5

Once the table was in place I set out to hem a curtain for work…

The most time consuming part was the prep work – pressing it enough to get it to lay flat, pinning, measuring, then cutting and measuring again for the hem.  The actual sewing part was lickety-split.

I also acquired a sweet little table cloth from work that had several holes in it…

So sad!  I was told I could have it and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I cut off the section with the holes and hemmed the raw edge that was left then I washed and dried it.  As you saw in the farmhouse table photo I am using it as a runner.  It goes perfectly in our dining room.  I am so happy I was able to salvage this sweet little tablecloth.  Here’s a close-up shot of it…

perfect day7

Not too long after Countryboy came home LizzieBelle and I headed out for our hike.  I walked down the path that runs along the side of the barn and chickens’ paddock…

perfect day8

and came out to the secondary paddock adjacent to the chickens’ paddock.  This paddock is not currently fenced in (I don’t know what happened to the fencing, it was gone when we moved in) but many of the metal posts are still there.

I decided to walk to the creek’s edge to show you a different view of the barn…

perfect day9

This is the backside and the green roof beyond the barn is the farmhouse.

Here’s another view from the peninsula our creek forms…

perfect day11

Can you see the barn?  It’s camouflaged pretty well.  Come summer you won’t be able to see it at all from this viewpoint.

From there, LizzieBelle and I headed up the mountain…

perfect day10

She ended up not being in the mood for an adventure and eventually headed back to the house.  She was quite funny though… I kept encouraging her to come on; she would look at me, take a few steps and then turn around and look longingly towards the house.  This continued halfway up the mountain until I finally told her she could go on back to the house.  She didn’t have to be told twice and she was gone!  Phfftt, I guess I’m on my own.

I continued to meander up the mountain and tried to snap a few photos of the beautiful terrain and look for shrooms.  I did not find any morel mushroom nor did the photos I took do the mountainside justice.  I did find some tiny flowers emerging from the forest floor that was a joy to see after such a long winter…

perfect day12

The rest of the day flew by.  It was wonderful to be able to do so many things I enjoy doing all in a single, lovely day and, as soon as I press the ‘Publish’ button I am calling it the end of my perfect day.

Till next time my friends!

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