Got Rain?

It’s another rainy afternoon here.


This is the porch roof and part of what I see when I’m at the computer.

I am, most definitely, not complaining about another rainy day.  Many parts of the country are dry and battling drought and fires.  Other parts of the country are getting too much rain and are dealing with flood waters.  Such is the case with family members in Arkansas.  Thankfully, they are safe but it’s still a cause for concern for many in the water’s path.  Be safe.  Be smart folks.  And, make sure you always have a well-stocked pantry because you just never know.  (My PSA for the day, wink!)

We managed to get a good part of the underpinning around the porch done and blocked off from the cats the other day.  The rest of the porch is currently blocked off by rocks.  We plan on continuing the underpinning (for continuities sake) across the rest of the porch which will eventually be the greenhouse.

I am excited for the finished product but Mother Nature (and CountryBoy!) says ‘give it a rest’ for a bit!

So, I am working on my Etsy shop for part of the day before heading to town for a doctor’s appointment.

  • Pictures taken and edited – check
  • Prices compared and determined – check

Still to do is writing the product descriptions and adding the photos to the site.

The re-opening of the shop has been a bit tedious but I’m hoping once it’s open that it will be easier to simply add new items as they are made.  I’m hoping to ‘open’ the shop this weekend if all goes as planned.

Want a sneak peak at some of the handmade items that I’ll be listing?  Here ya go…

Crochet baby blankets, quilted baby blankets, a woven fabric basket and some Bible or book totes.  I hope to be adding some embroidered flour sack towels and some homemade serums and balms in the near future.

I mentioned having to go to town and here’s why we’re heading out on this rainy afternoon… It has been a little over ten weeks since CountryBoy’s total left knee replacement.  It has been a long ten weeks of dealing with a scary blood clot, scar tissue, physical therapy, swelling, stiff and sore muscles and pain.  Continuous pain. After six weeks of recovery he should’ve had full range of motion and use of his leg with some swelling.  That was not the case.  When the therapists were not able to get full rotation, let alone any more increase in rotation, a knee manipulation was scheduled last week.  Physical therapy started again the same day and every day thereafter.  After a couple of days they were able to get 100 degrees but there was bruising and swelling all over the thigh and knee with even more pain.  After two weeks of therapy the rotation is decreasing and the leg is stiffening again.   After hearing the therapists concern for the bruising (and the comments “we’ve never seen this happen after knee surgery”) we called to move up his follow-up appointment which was still two weeks away.  They are getting us in this afternoon.  Thank God!  Some times you have to be your own advocate.  This is obviously not your typical case so we are going to push that more aggressive measures be taken in his recovery and answers be found as to why this is happening and why he is not healing as he should.  A DVT Study (for the blood clot) is scheduled in a couple of weeks.  It will be a huge load off our minds to know the status of the blood clot.

Bless his heart, he continues to try and work on the house and around the farm and do his therapy at home to avoid the stiffness but he can only do so much before he’s engulfed in pain and comes in to ice and elevate his leg.

We would covet any and all prayers for answers, pain relief and full recovery.

Hugs to all our faithful followers!

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