It’s Snow Pretty

Have you ever just sat (or stood) and watched the snow fall?

It’s so peaceful and creates such a beautiful scene.


We have accumulated over a foot of snow, so far, here at the farm.


The chickens are occupying themselves in the coop; the cats have a litter box indoors again; and LizzieBelle is carried to the barn to do her business. But, this girl just had to leave the coop to lay her egg in the tool shed!


Luckily, she ventured out this morning while it was only several inches deep!

I looked out the guest room window upstairs a bit ago and saw this hanging from the roof…


I am thankful that I do not have to leave the farm in these conditions and that I can absorb the beauty.  It’s seems God brings the snow to wipe the earth clean; so it can start over; a clean slate.  It’s beautiful in sight and meaning.

For those of us who have chosen this farming/homesteading lifestyle winter also gives a chance to slow down; to rejuvenate so that we are, hopefully, ready for the upcoming busy months of planting, harvesting and preserving.

I cross-stitched this piece a long time ago because I love snowmen and birds but now it just seems apropos for our Kentucky winters!


Stay warm, my friends, and, hopefully, you can spend these winter months rejuvenating your mind, body and soul for it’s snow pretty!



  1. Beautiful! It’s so peaceful looking. Hopefully you will enjoy warmth and rest this winter as last winter was all about survival in a new home with no method of heat and no insulation.


  2. Love the cross stitch! I used to do that all the time, but have laid it aside for a long time. If I ever get my house back to myself I’ll have to start again.


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