Winter Chicken Care

Winter is officially upon us here in the Bluegrass State.

The last several days the temperatures have been very (single digit) cold  and, today, we got our first accumulation of snow.


With winter comes a whole new challenge in chicken care for us that we didn’t have to deal with when we lived in Florida: frozen chicken waterers and chickens that don’t want to leave the coop because there’s something white all over the ground.

This morning I opened the coop door but not one of them wanted to come out.  Where’d the green stuff go, huh, girls?!  I bet they’re wondering where the ground went and how they’re supposed to find any delicious treasures from the ground now!

So, I decided to make them a homemade suet cake to keep them busy and to give them some extra nourishment since they weren’t able to free-range and look for tasty bugs & such.

I put some of their grain scratch, crushed eggshells, oatmeal and dried cranberries & pomegranates in a bowl then poured melted coconut oil over all, stirred, then put it in the fridge to let the coconut oil become solid again.

Here’s the mixture before the melted oil was added…


Needless to say, it was a big hit!


We also threw a lot more hay down to not only help with warmth and insulation but it will give them a little something to do as they scratch around in the hay.

Another measure CountryBoy did yesterday was to add a light underneath their waterer that’s in the coop.  This has worked well.  The heat from the bulb melted the water and is keeping it from freezing.


Apparently the girls are happy with the results of a little extra care as we were blessed with nine eggs today!

Watching the snow fall is so peaceful and makes for a beautiful landscape but I urge everyone that has to be out and about to be careful as it can quickly become treacherous.


Stay safe and warm my friends!

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