Brrrr, It’s Chilly!

The temperature has dropped quite a bit the last couple of weeks.

One of the weeks I was in sunny Florida where it was actually cool and rainy.  Ha!  Poor Hubby was left to deal with breaking the ice in the chicken waterers  and feeding the wood-burning insert, it seemed, every time he turned around.  He and LizzieBelle would crawl under the Christmas rag quilt I made him for Christmas and watch TV or movies and try to stay warm.

Apparently,  LizzieBelle likes the quilt, too, with or without Daddy!


Here’s the front and back of the quilt…

Funny story, I was frantically working on Christmas Eve trying to get it all sewn together when Hubby came upstairs to visit.  I quickly asked if he’d like to help and he said “Sure”.  He had no idea that he was working on his own quilt!  Another plus was his discovery that the table I was using to cut and mark the fabric was not conducive to long hours of cutting and/or marking (which was why I was a little behind in getting it done; I just couldn’t handle working there for too long without my back hurting.).  He ended up making a box frame to go underneath the table top which raised it up enough to make it much more comfortable.  Win/win for me!  Not only did I manage to get the quilt all sewn together that evening but I also got a much better work surface for cutting and marking.  Yay!

But, I digress.

This morning, the rain water in the rain barrel continues to be froze solid as well as the chicken waterer.


I think we’ll start putting the waterer in the mudroom at night and put it back out in the morning.

It’s supposed be warmer tomorrow but then back to being chilly again with a few nights in the single digits and snow showers predicted.

I do have to say, as cold as it’s been we are quite happy that we are NOT seeing our breath INSIDE the house like we did last year right after moving here. Yikes!  I don’t know how we survived last winter with one kerosene heater (lent to us from a neighbor) as our main heat source other than lots of layers of clothes, two really warm sleeping bags and sheer determination.  So far, so much better (wink!).

Stay warm, friends.  We’ll be sweating again before we know it!

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