Its — That — Time of Year

I’ve been whistling that song, ‘The Christmas Waltz’, since we started listening to Christmas carols and decorating the house last week!

Of all the holidays, I have to say Christmas is my favorite.

The birth of my Savior.



Beautiful decorations.

Shiny lights.

Giving to others.

The scent of pine indoors.

My list could go on and on about all the wonders of this time of year.

It’s also the one holiday where I really enjoy taking the time to decorate.

This year is our first year here in the ‘ol farmhouse.

We left the majority of our Christmas lights and decorations when we moved so this year we decorated with what we had, bought a few lights for one of the sheds outside and we made the rest.

So, without further ado, here’s a few of our decorations we’ve got in the ‘ol farmhouse this year…



A few treasured pieces from long ago…

ceramic ornament


This cross stitched framed picture was a gift from twenty years ago when I sang with The Caroling Company, a central Florida based music organization that provides carolers dressed in Dickensian garb for entertaining attendees at various venues from company parties to theme parks.  I loved being a part of that group and that I have this memento from such fun times!


and the pair of ceramic reindeer are even from longer ago when I worked at Walt Disney World.  They were centerpieces at a banquet one year and I was one of the lucky ones that got to take a pair home!  I love that a fellow cast member made them.


A few of the things I’ve made…

the cross stitched angel


the cross stitched tree skirt


the quilted table topper


I painted the ceramic Christmas tree…


I made the pine cone ornaments and CountryBoy and I strung popcorn and cranberries for garland for our tree…


This fleece blanket was a gift from a sweet church member at our former church in Florida…


It’s not a lot but almost everywhere we look around the house there are some Christmas lovelies!

Over the next several years we will pick up more items at the after-Christmas sales and I hope to make a some more.

Do you like to decorate for holidays?  If so, what is your favorite holiday to decorate for?


  1. What a lovely collection of memories! It’s not the quantity of decor, but the sweet thoughts of Christmas Past and what those items mean to you. Here’s to making new memories in your wonderful farmhouse life.


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