Too Many Craft Projects

Is there such a thing?  Ha!

Those of you who are crafty may understand.

You may even have the same problem (wink).

I enjoy working with my hands.

The feel of yarn, fabric, thread sliding through my fingers.

The movement of the crochet hook, quilting needle or the gently pushing of fabric under the needle of a sewing machine; it’s all therapeutic and enjoyable for me.

I enjoy watching the project evolve from one thing (or things) into something completely different.

I have many crafty hobbies I enjoy doing.  If asked to pick a favorite I wouldn’t be able to do it.  I work on whichever one suits my mood at the moment.

Which is why I usually have so many projects going on at the same time.

Let me show you what all is in the works…

Hand quilting the guest room quilt.


It will take me a month of Sunday’s to finish it, ha!

This project will be put on hold temporarily over the next few weeks and during Thanksgiving.

Our plan is to use the quilt frame as a buffet table so the quilt will remain on the frame but be covered up with a sheet of plywood and a tablecloth.  I will be able to work on it again after Thanksgiving.  No worries… I have plenty of other projects to occupy my down time!

Such as this gender neutral baby blanket I started a couple of months ago.


A little birdy told me to start working on it and I’m glad I did as it may already have a home to go to and a baby to keep warm in the upcoming months.  Yay!

Since I’m almost finished with the blanket I’ll be spending more time working on a little cross stitch table topper.


Cute little cross stitched chickens!

I started it while we were still working in Texas.  It’s been laying in a basket that our little black kitty, Precious, found to be a good place to curl up and sleep.  Lovely!  I’m going to have to take the lint brush to it before I work on it again (wink).

Then there’s the Christmas table topper that is waiting to be quilted.


I am trying to decide how I want to quilt it.  Do I want to hand quilt it or machine quilt it? Then there’s the decision of what design do I want to use when quilting it.  Decisions, decisions! I do have several ideas floating around my head so, until the ‘final decision light bulb’ turns on in my head regarding the quilting of this project it will remain the way it is.

Also in the works and thought process are a couple more projects.  One, finding a machine embroidery design so I can practice embroidering on my new machine.


I found these cute, vintage looking dish towels at Hobby Lobby.  One towel was missing from the package (it appears it was stolen since the package was open) and it was the only red one left so they gave me a discount, yay!  I figured this would be a simple, first embroidery project for me.

Now to find a design AND get up the nerve to turn the new embroidery machine on!


Why are these fancy machines so intimidating?!  Well, at least it’s out of the box, haha!  Baby steps (wink).

The second project (which is still in the thought and design process) is a boxed-bag with handles to keep all my nail stuff organized.  What can I say?  I’m a farm girl that likes having pretty nails which, is probably the only girly thing about me!


The design is coming together; now to choose fabrics (I’m thinking denim and a coordinating cotton) and get up the nerve to start cutting it up!  I don’t know why cutting fabric is the hardest part of any sewing or quilting project for me.  Fear of cutting it wrong?  Possibly.  Fabric is not cheap anymore.  It’s the equivalent of wood which is why I use the old ‘measure twice, cut once’ rule.  I also check the measurement requirements, if using a pattern, probably five times before making the cut.  Makes for a long process which could be another reason I hesitate before making the first cut.  Maybe one day it will get easier.  Practice makes perfect, right?!

Well, there ya have it… my current craft projects.

Crocheting.  Cross Stitching.  Quilting.  Sewing.  Designing.  Can you tell  I like variety?  I guess that explains why I usually have too many craft projects going at the same time!


  1. No, you can never have too many craft projects! I do most of my crafts during the winter because the nights are so long. However, I have been known to do my felt crafts during the summer outside on the patio in the evening when it’s cool. Your quilts are beautiful!


    1. Thank you! I do most of my crafts during the winter as well. Spring and Summer are busy times here and I’m usually too tired in the evenings to do much of anything. It’s the one part of winter I look forward to… being able to work on crafts without so many demands. Working on your patio sounds delightful!

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