Perfect Gifts for the Farmhouse

It’s been far too long, folks, since my last blog post.  Far.Too.Long.

Just yesterday I vowed to make time for more blogging.  I miss it.  I miss YOU!

And now that the demands of the farm and farmhouse have slowed down it should be easier to find a chunk of time to take and edit some photos and sit down and write.  yay!

For now, I wanted to share with y’all some awesome gifts that we recently received from friends and family for the ‘ol farmhouse…

Several months ago we received a package from a friend and former co-worker of ours from our EMT days.

Inside the package were lots of goodies that were perfect for the farmhouse!


Some items were very near and dear to her heart, such as the aprons her Grandma made, the crochet doilies and figurine that were in her Grandma’s farmhouse.  I’m so touched that she wanted them to be part of our little farmhouse now!

Curtains that are perfect for the living room…


The door hanger (which I’m told started the whole box of goodies!) displaying a cross stitch bow I made years ago…


Beautiful crochet doilies in a unique triangle design…


All the items have found a place in the farmhouse and are beautiful reminders of our friend!

Last month, we received many wonderful farmhouse gifts from a new member of the family by marriage.

The list is long but to name a few items:  country themed pictures, copper oil lamps, a wall-mounted plate rack, fabric, a quilt wall hanging, some completed quilt tops and quilt blocks, a couple mini quilts and quilt racks, and an Ott floor lamp for use when sewing or hand-quilting.

Speaking of quilts and quilting there were some adorable items perfect for decorations in the sewing room…  this cute, metal container with J & P Coats (a popular thread maker that’s been around for a long time) on it…


and this lovely hand-painted slate heart…


Also, there were two sets of curtains that are perfect for the dining room and, unbelievably, match the red-checked seat cushions we already had on our dining chairs.  The small table was also a gift and is an antique with a fold-down top.  (It’s currently holding my pot of parsley and oregano that is indoors due to frosty nights.)


The hand-painted barnwood pictures framing the window like shutters and the queen-size quilt frame were gifts as well.


Also in the mix were three enamelware pots such as this one where I put some pine cones and one of the small copper & glass oil lamps for a simple fall decoration.


The two copper wall-mounted oil lamps were placed on either side of our bedroom door.  (We were given another one years ago and although it’s not copper in color it is the same style and is being used downstairs.  How perfect is that?!)


Although there was no room for these items in their new home many of them have already found their place in the farmhouse and will be put to use and cherished.  The rest of the items will wait in the wings until I find the perfect spot for them.

Among the other gifts we’ve received were some antique furniture and an old military trunk from dear friends and several gift cards from family.

I must say, the ‘ol farmhouse is looking pretty awesome thanks to such thoughtful and generous friends and family.  We are so touched, so humbled and so grateful that so many people have gifted us with such treasures and have taken an interest in seeing the farm and farmhouse come to life.  Words cannot express our gratitude but thank you!  Thank you all SO much from the bottom of our hearts!  You have blessed us beyond measure!

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