Laundry Nook & Sewing Room Progress

I am thrilled to be able to tell y’all that some major progress has been made in the laundry nook and my sewing room.

In fact, I am thrilled to say that the laundry nook is D-O-N-E.  Yay!!!!!

But, first, let me refresh your memories as to what we started with…



The shelf was too high for me to reach so the detergent sat on the dryer so I could easily get to it.

A portion of the wall was removed last winter when our pipes kept freezing and remained that way until we tackled this area.


We replaced the dryer that came with the house after we thought it wasn’t working shortly after moving in.  Come to find out, the dryer vent was clogged.  oops!

The washing machine was actually in need of replacing but we kept it for a while until we could afford to get a new one.  And, one that matches the new dryer, yay!

It was delivered this morning and I’ve already done a load of wash.  It works good!  And, looks good!

Here’s my new laundry nook…


Rustic meets modern!

CountryBoy extended the wall beside the washer which, eventually, will become part of the enclosed bathroom, installed the reclaimed wood on the walls, mounted a shelf that I can reach, replaced an outlet and cover plate and hung an expandable peg rack.

There are only two more things that I’d like to find for the nook… some sort of ‘Laundry’ sign and an old washboard.  I might have to make the sign if I can’t find the right one but I think those two items will make it complete without cluttering it up.

The other room that saw some progress today was my sewing room.

Several months ago, CountryBoy and I painted the room then I arranged my sewing stuff so I could do some sewing when the need and/or time arose knowing it was a temporary arrangement until we tackled that room.


Originally, I brought a metal shelf unit up there to store my fabric on.  It worked but did not look very good.

During the pantry/laundry room renovation I decided that the white cabinet where I was storing the towels would make a good storage piece for my fabric and yarn stash.  So, I brought the metal shelf unit back down and put the towels on it and we moved the white cabinet upstairs this morning.


Then, I rearranged again and while CountryBoy was helping a neighbor cut some wood I filled the cabinet with fabric and yarn.

It’s looking better but there’s still much to do up there like finding or building a cutting table and more storage.  That will be down the line but, for now, it’s a nice space to do some sewing while the laundry is going!

Bit by bit.

Till next time friends 🙂

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