On The Hunt and a New Blog Platform

It seems the phrase ‘it’s always something’ is spoken quite often ’round here on the farm.

Well, the same can be said even for blogging.

I was having problems getting and answering your comments in the other blog platform.  I was also having problems leaving comments on other blogs that I read.

While that was very frustrating the last straw was when I tried to write a blog post, using the other blog platform and a recent upgrade to Windows 10, and was unable to upload any photos.  Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know that I like to post lots of photos.  Sometimes lots and lots, ha!  So, it was time to find a new blogging platform.

But that’s neither here nor there for y’all, but, what you WILL need to do, if you want to get notified of new blog posts, is either sign up for email notifications, Like the farm’s Facebook page or sign up to follow the blog via WordPress.  You will find all these options in the column to the right.

OK, now that THAT’s out of the way let’s get on with the good stuff!

For the past several months we have been focused on harvesting and preserving the harvest, obtaining wood for winter and creating a pantry to store all the homegrown canned goodness.

During all that, we have had health issues to deal with; heart, a severe case of poison ivy and horrible allergies that have been going on for over a month.  It makes one stop and think how the true pioneers and homesteaders endured during illness.  It makes me grateful for the ease of our modern homesteading lifestyle.  Ease you might ask?  Yes, ease.  Running water, indoor toilets, electricity, washing machines, hospitals, medicine, etc, etc.  Very.Grateful!

Anyhoo, I digress.
We were talking about health issues.  The other morning CountryBoy had a doctors appointment – just a routine checkup and some blood work drawn.  After the appointment, he took me hunting.  MY kind of hunting…  hunting for anything for the farm and/or farmhouse.  We stopped at two of our favorite local vendor and antique stores and found some awesome deals!
 First, we found an old cane chair for use in our bedroom…


This will be very useful to sit down and put our shoes on.

At the same store, CountryBoy found some beautiful sewing machines drawers…

sewing-drawers-1 sewing-drawers-2

Can you see the details in the wood?  So pretty!

I will use them in the sewing room somehow.  Maybe mounted under a shelf for scissors or notions or maybe leave them as is to be placed wherever convenient.  I’ll figure out their use and place once we tackle the sewing room.

We went to another local antique shop where we scored a bunch of quart jars before we even entered the store.  And I mean a bunch!  There was even a 1/2 gallon jar in there.


Once inside, I found the perfect, antique wash stand that was in way better condition than the others in the store and for a way better price!


I love the turned wood legs and the itty, bitty candle holders!  I planned on putting my Mom’s wash basin and pitcher in it but after I got home I realized that it was more of an oval shape rather than round.  Luckily, the bowl and pitcher came with the stand so I will find something to put Mom’s pitcher and basin in eventually.

As I was heading to check out I found this set of Pyrex nesting bowls…


One can never have too many Pyrex bowls!

We got all that for just over $100.  I think we scored!

It’s always a fun time hunting for useful stuff for the farm and/or farmhouse.

Thanks for stopping by!  Now don’t forget to scroll back up and check out the column on the right and select how you want to get notifications of new blog posts.

Till next time friends!


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